orangEzine Video Ball

The orangEzine Video Ball is a music show produced by The Invisible Orange, featuring interviews, updates, reviews and music videos. Mainly focused on the output of BC’s metal bands, but not exclusively, as there will be special features with bands from other parts of Canada and the World, as well as from other music genres.

This project started from the need to connect the fans with the local bands, given the lack of live events during the pandemic, and which were the main conduit.

We are always adapting and for that, we would love to hear from you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email [email protected].

  • Episode 1: Featuring music videos from Ape War, ExPain, Gross Misconduct, Lucia, and Torrefy. Short interviews from Ape War and Lucia.
  • Episode 2: Featuring an interview with Atræ Bilis, and music videos from Atræ Bilis, Tribunal and Saints of Death.
  • Episode 3: Featuring Interviews with Gross Misconduct and Liberatia. Music videos from Gross Misconduct, Liberatia and Demon Cleaver.

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

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