Regading back catalogues, Falkenbach are going to release a box set as well! You can likely expect it by the end of the year. Meanwhile, all albums are available digitally here.
More from Falkenbach
Likewise, Sol Invictus‘ 1999 classic In A Garden Green will be re-released as LP at long last, both on black and – you guessed it – green vinyl. You can pre-order this latest edition in our series of re-issues from the English neofolk flagship soon.
Release date: September 25th
Sol Invictus Pre-Order
We have signed neofolk rejuvenators Vrîmuot on Auerbach. The German group’s first album O Tempora, O Mores!, a singular genre take with epic songs and evocative lyrics – out on September 25th, pre-sale has started!
Vrîmuot Pre-Sale
We have been working closely with avantgarde metal pioneers Arcturus and former affiliates of the band on a huge box set, spanning the Norwegians’ early career, also featuring rare and unreleased music as well as archival photo material. Release: probably winter 2020/21.
More from Arcturus
Much cherished by fans and considered as contemporary art rock classics, Antimatter‘s Saviour (2001), Lights Out (2003) and Planetary Confinement (2005) are available now on black and colored vinyl – choose your edition and consider the English’s later discography too!
Antimatter Vinyl
Meanwhile, Orplid are going to release Deus Vult, their first album in more than ten years, on September 25th … together with Legatum, a massive wooden box set with 12 LPs – the German neofolk veterans’ whole discography, including a large book and much more. Pre-sale has just started!
Orplid Pre-Sale
Disillusion will soon release a small goodie for you and are already working on their next album, the follow-up to 2019’s progressive metal masterpiece The Liberation. You can again support the Germans’ efforts via Patreon.
Disillusion’s “The Liberation”
What else? You can make your guesses as to whom of our artists album titles such as Storm Burial, Elm, Death Cult, Wildhund and Allt þetta Helvítis Myrkur belong. All these and more will be released in the course of the next few months – not to forget several exciting new (and older) talents we have signed. Stay tuned …

Team Prophecy, July 2020

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