New Releases This Week – July 31st

Welcome to my weekly dump of new releases – be sure to comment what I missed, and let me know what you’ve listened to!


Æpoch – The Scryer (EP) [Prog Death]

Alcatrazz – Born Innocent [Heavy/Shred]

Anneke Van Giersbergen – Let the Light In [Orchestral]

Antediluvian & Heresiarch – Defleshing the Serpent Infinity (Split) [Black/Death]

Astral Winter – Perdition II [Meloblack]

Black Communion – Miasmic Monstrosity [Death/Black]

Bleeding Eyes – Golgotha [Doom/Sludge/Metalcore]

Church of the Dead – Church of the Dead [Death]

Damnation Angels – Fiber of Our Being [Symphonic Power]

Deathstorm – For Dread Shall Reign [Thrash]

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy’s PowerSquad – Mysterizer [Neoclassical/Prog]

Disavowed – Revocation of the Fallen [Brutal Death]

Dkharmakhaoz – Proclamation ov the Black Suns [Experimental Black]

Draghkar – At the Crossroads of Infinity [Death]

Drouth – Excerpts from a Dread Liturgy [Black/Death]

Dystopia A.D. – Rise of the Merciless (EP) [Melodeath]

Entropy – Force Convergence [Groove]

Fumigation – R0 5.7 (EP) [Death]

High Spirits – Hard to Stop [Hard Rock/Heavy]

Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville [Avant/Technical Black/Death]

Insight – Neura [Heavy/Speed]

Journey Into Darkness – Multitudes of Emptiness [Symphonic Black]

Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est [Technical Brutal Death/Groove]

Manticora – To Live to Kill to Live [Prog Power/Speed]

Moribund Mantras – Golden Void [Doom]

Mortal Wound & Gutless – Split [Death]

My Silent Wake – Damnum Per Saeculorum [Gothic/Death/Doom]

Nite – Darkness Silence Mirror Flame [Black/Heavy]

Oldowan Gash – Hubris Unchained [Black]

Omitir – Ode [Black]

Pale Horseman – For Dust Thou Art [Sludge]

Pactum – Nigredo [Black]

Photon – Kether (EP) [Melodeath/Post/Rock]

Purification – Perfect Doctrine [Doom]

Question – Reflections of the Void [Death]

Ritual of Decay & Carnivore Crusher – Split [Death | Death/Grind]

Rotten Souls – Malignant Stigma [Meloblack]

Sepulchral Curse – Only Ashes Remain [Death/Black]

Shellfire – Reality… And Other Tales of Terror [Thrash]

Shezmu – À travers les lambeaux [Death]

Snakeblade – The Kingdom [Black]

Some Dead Bodies – Infernal Death [Death]

Starblind – Black Bubbling Ooze [Heavy]

Steve Howe – Love Is [Prog Rock]

Terror Noxpheratur – Bleeding Star upon the Black Castle [Raw Black/Dark Ambient]

Veil of Delusions – Untold Dimensions [Symphonic]

Venator & Angel Blade – Split [Heavy]

Warkings – Revenge [Power]

Writhing – Eternalised in Rot [Death]



Infera Bruo



Oceans of Slumber


The Atomic Bitchwax

The Erkonauts

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