Mexico Metal Fest announces new date for 5th edition, launched 6th edition, both in October 2021.

Mexico Metal Fest has announced through social media and their official website the rescheduling of their 5th edition. The new date is Saturday, October 30, 2021.

At the same time, they have announced the 6th edition will take place on Friday, October 29, 2021. Setting both events on consecutive days.

Most bands that were scheduled to perform on the original date of the 5th edition, which was scheduled for mid-November 2020, have already confirmed. With the rest of the bands in the process of confirmation. All bands in the new event poster are confirmed for the new date.

The bands confirmed and announced up to September 20, 2020 are: Hellhammer (Performed by Tom Warrior’s Triumph of Death), Dismember, Satyricon, Mayhem, Entombed AD, Immolation, Pentagram, (Krystof’s) Batushka, Carach Angren, Cenothaph, Total Death, Cemican, Daeria, Panteon, Dark Matter, Intoxxicated, Anima Tempo, Argentum, Oversteel, Ancestry, Fightback. And notably, the “Big 4” of German thrash metal: Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Tankard.

Fans that had their tickets for the November 2020 date will have access to the new October 30, 2021 event. They can also contact their local tour vendors for information on how to attend the 6th edition.

Through a YouTube video (through this link) poster later in the day, the organizers clarified that the reason the 6th edition is one day before the 5th, and not on Sunday, to make it one day after, was due to two factors: first that they organizers want to honour that the 5th edition was originally on a Saturday, to minimize disruption to fans, and second, the Sunday was not an option in order to comply best with local alcohol sales laws in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.

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