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Carcosa: Vancouvers Next Heavy Hitter?

   We at Invisible Orange were able to sit down and chat with the Vancouver’s new deathcore band, Carcosa. “A Plague”, the first single from the band has now reached nearly 20,000 streams on Spotify, and over 50,000 plays on YouTube. If you didn’t know already, Carcosa is a new project featuring all the same members of Galactic Pegasus. Earlier this year, Galactic Pegasus decided to call it quits playing their final show in February with guests Angelmaker and The Hallowed Catharsis. 

   Read below to learn more about the inception of the new project, the truth of Galactic Pegasus’ disbanding and some of the different approaches the members have been taking with the new project.

What’s the inspiration behind the new project?

Johnny Ciradullo– So in the past, we had thought about changing the name a couple of times when we released the Dysphoria EP. As time went on the four of us gradually fell out of love with the Galactic Pegasus project. With the inconsistent sound changes and history with previous band members, it seemed best to end the project where it was. 

Andrew Baena – The thing that made the most sense was to do a new band with all the same members and make it clear that this project is a new band. We will not be playing any Galactic Pegasus songs in future shows as Carcosa. 

Johnny Ciardullo– We felt very unmotivated when writing music for Galactic Pegasus and with things going on in our personal lives it just made the most sense to call it. I wanted to get away from writing djent music for a while, and I wanted to write music where people would take us more seriously as a brand and our music. 

   One of the big main differences, before in Galactic Pegasus,  we would write all of our own songs individually and be like okay well this is the song and we wouldn’t necessarily do collaborative stuff. But for Carcosa we decided that we need to sit in a room all together and write, there’s the odd track here and there that is written more by one person than another but in the end, all of us had a piece.

What are your individual influences?

Johnny Ciardullo – Vocally, overall definitely Humanity’s Last Breath was a big one in stylistic choice. Vocally for me, I go for Vincent Bennet from Acacia Strain, Ben Duerr from Shadow of Intent, and then some. 

Cooper Lagace– I listen to a lot of hip hop and pop music recreationally, coming into the project I was a little tired of metal and I wanted to bring a little something different to the table, for the new single I did a lot of the programming and orchestral arrangements, inspired a lot by the doom soundtrack produced by Mick Gordon, and then Humanity’s Last Breath for sure for riffs. 

Andrew Baena – Humanity’s Last Breath is definitely a consistent influence for us, crazy high tunings with crazy dissonant notes. Definitely a huge influence for me, but the other influences I really wanted to shout out was Brand of Sacrifice as well, for guitar and the image side of things, definitely what we’re doing is based on them and how they brand and put themselves out there.  The other influence I can think of is the newer Emmure with Josh Travis.

Johnny Ciradullo – We also got compared to newer Chelsea Grin even though we didn’t really think of it, I think it’s definitely worth noting the comparisons. From a marketing standpoint, we also looked at Spiritbox they’ve definitely been doing something right seeing how far they’ve gotten in the last year or so. 

How does it feel to have gotten the response you have already within the first few days of the release? 

Cooper Lagace – It’s been amazing, it’s crazy. It’s super overwhelming and we’re very grateful that everyone’s been enjoying it. I think we wrote a single about a year ago. It’s been very humbling 

Andrew Baena – Obviously I was hoping for the best and it far exceeded my expectations, and it’s been sitting on the back burner for over a year. People seem to love it, and shout out to Connor Gilkinson, our videographer and stepped up hard and made the entire music video in two weeks. 

Johnny Ciardullo – I felt like we kind of had a leg up, and we definitely had all of the support from our friends which definitely helped us get ahead. As a general its been very humbling, and we’re glad that people are enjoying the music. 

We definitely cherish GP and all the support we had but we’re excited to start this new project. 

How has the creative process been for you guys during COVID?

Andrew Baena – The first song we released was done last summer, and so we’ve just been going through and perfecting everything. Getting things airtight and getting all our strategies done. Making what we have perfect. We have some demos recorded though. 

Cooper Lagace – With the new writing process we have, trying to write altogether, COVID has definitely been the worst thing to happen for that. 

Johnny Ciardullo– I’ve been trying to hold back the way I used to do it, like writing whole songs before and then sending them off. New music is in progress, but not our main focus right now

When can people expect merchandise? If so, what kind of items can we expect to see?

Cooper Lagace– It’s been great to see people wanting to be engaged and connect with merch. We’re working it all out right now and hoping to get it out in the next month or so. We’re planning on doing some preorders for the EP as well

Johnny Ciardullo – We were going into the unknown and we didn’t want to get too excited and order a bunch of merch, so we wanted to create the demand for the merch before being stuck with a bunch. And with shipping being pretty rough right now, we still need to figure out a lot of logistics. The goal is to get it done within the month 

Cooper Lagace – this is my first time working with anything like this and on top of everything we want to turn a new leaf with merch and create products that people would normally wear. And we’re being more selective and not cheaping out on anything. 

We’re going to be doing all types of stuff, hoodies down the line, tees and long sleeves. 

Johnny Ciardullo – We’re going to see how the initial merch drop goes and then see from here.

Are you guys working on an EP or an LP? Are you doing all the mixing/mastering yourselves?

Johnny Ciardullo – We are doing an EP, we are trying to stick to shorter formats, the way I see it is quality over quantity. We had a pretty bad experience with doing a full record. With people’s consumption of music right now, it makes more sense to make shorter products and release it in shorter amounts of time just to stay in people’s heads.

Andrew Baena – Shoutout to Spiritbox and our belief in this system, They’ve only released EPs and singles and it is proven to be a success, and we think that’s just kind of the way the industry is heading, but we definitely want to be on that side of things, rather than just writing an album. It’s easier to hold our audience’s attention.

Johnny Ciardullo – Massive shoutout to Ty Kingston, guitarist for Bastian, mixed and mastered for us. We think he did a really great job, and the mix is a huge step up from the stuff we were doing in the past, and it been great, and Ty did a lot of re-imagining of the drums we had programmed and gave it a really good feeling. 

Andrew Baena – So as we said earlier we did it all together but in 3 or 4 parts, we recorded all the parts in our own homes and then broke down specific sections of songs and after that was all done we sent it off to Ty and he did a great job. 

Are you planning on any tours/shows once restrictions are lifted?

Andrew Baena – We definitely want to play shows for sure, as for tours, still unsure and very dependant on restrictions, and we definitely want to make sure there’s an actual demand for us before we go out on the road. And to make sure its economically feasible. 

Cooper Lagace – we definitely want to focus on the image and the brand and make sure people want to come and see us 

Johnny Ciardullo – with the state of the entire industry, everything is going to change. So we kind of have to push that aside for now. The pipe dream would be to do something with some of the big boys over here. We can manage what we’re doing right now as an internet project but we definitely want to play a show here. 

What are you guys looking forward to the most about the new project?

Andrew Baena – Playing a show of any sort and playing this new music, and just to release the new EP honestly. 

Johnny Ciardullo – I’m excited to get the whole thing out, just with this EP in terms of lyrics a conceptual story is told throughout the entire record, and shine al I get on the topics that I am discussing throughout the record, and I think we just have a lot of cool songs that I want people to hear. And just to have it out for people to consume the whole thing and writing music with my friends.

Cooper Lagace – releasing the rest of the content we have, and working with the extraordinarily talented friends we have. 

More Carcosa music will be coming soon with a new single dropping July, 22, 2020. Keep up with Carcosa on all of their social media for updates on new music, merchandise, and more!



We hope to see you guys at a show soon! 

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